Friday, October 18, 2013

Lake Wrimo NaNo Newsletter

October 18, 2013
NaNoWriMo Lake County Region Newsletter

Happy NaNo Planning Wrimos! And Welcome to all those new to NaNo and Lake County this year.  There’s just two more weeks before the big moment when the clock ticks over to midnight and fingers start to fly over the keyboards. 

Before that happens we need to celebrate our dive into noveldom with a party! The NaNoWriMo Lake Writers Kick-Off will be held at the Eustis Denny’s (441) and begins at 6:30pm. Come in costume as your favorite literary character or character from your novel! (optional but most fun :)

Bring a friend or your family with you to this event so they can celebrate. And get a good look before you go into crazy writer mode and hide out in your writing space for the next 30days lol.

Be sure to RSVP even if you’re not sure about making it to the party. We need to know how much space to claim at Denny’s and how many writer kits to put together.  You can RSVP in two places:

Not to worry if you haven’t found the perfect plot or your character hasn’t found the right personality yet. There’s plenty of time yet to stock your snack drawer and program your coffee pot.

Hop on the forums and grab some ideas or post a dare for your fellow Lake Wrimos. You can also find Lake Wrimos on our Facebook group Lake Writers ( )
Follow us on Twitter @LakeWriters  #LakeWriters

I mentioned this in the last email but just to make sure our new folks and anyone who might have missed it here is some information about making sure you are HOMED in the USA:: Florida ::Lake County region.

During November, it's fun to compare USA :: Florida :: Lake County’s  progress against all the regions in the world, both in word count and donations. Please show your pride in our region by making sure your successes are included in our regional totals.

To do this, you need to join USA :: Florida ::Lake County  AND set USA :: Florida :: Lake County  as your Home Region.

If you have already joined our region, please check to make sure you are homed here:
1.     Choose Local Events from the main menu and click Home Region.
2.     You should automatically be redirected to USA :: Florida :: Lake County and there will be a house icon to the left of the region's name.
3.     If you're somewhere else, you haven't yet joined our region and made it your home.

If you haven't yet joined our region:
1.     Choose Local Events from the menu and click Find A Region.
2.     Under Other Regions, type our region name (or part of it) in the text box.
3.     Locate our region under the text box and click Join This Region.
4.     Click Make this region my home. Welcome Home!

You can find the USA:: Florida:: Lake County Region Forum here:

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, don’t be shy. Post in the forum, Lake Writers FB group, you can contact me by NaNoMail  my NaNo user name is flsandcastle, on Twitter, or PM me on Facebook Elise VanCise I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Happy Plotting until next time!

Elise VanCise
ML USA :: Florida ::Lake County  

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