Friday, March 25, 2016

Obsessions Lead to Unfinished Projects

I have been a bit obsessed with writing prompts. Probably because I'm planning to write a collection of short stories for a combined Camp NaNo/Blogging from A to Z project. I searched Pinterest and found a lot of really great prompts, but was thinking I would like to try my hand at creating them. Instead of just making a few I decided that it would be way more fun, and by fun I mean probably lots of unnecessary work that I enjoy anyway, to make a collection of writing prompt categories and then lots of loosely related prompts. of course I HAD to color code them for easy visual discernment. I would say everyone needs a hobby, but theoretically writing IS my hobby. Perhaps my actual hobby is procrastination and collecting unfinished projects. So onto sharing my newest project.

Prompt Type:

Situation Drop-in Prompt - Red
Still Need a Gimmick - Orange
Write a Story About - Yellow
Include These Things Challenge Prompt - Green
Dialog Prompt - Blue
Place Prompt - Indigo
Character Prompt - Violet

Today I have a yellow prompt just for Lake Writers. The photo is from Pixabay and I used Picmonkey to add a yellow overlay. I have always thought ideas would be yellow if you could see them. Probably related to the iconic incandescent light bulb coming on over your head having a yellow glow. This prompt came to be because I was discussing Baldar Blunts and SCA archery with a friend.

I am sure you noticed that poor orange has been left out and my neurotic friend Roy G. Biv won't just let me skip orange so I need your help. I must be honest and tell you all the reason there is no orange is because my brain just went on strike. Over at Ink Dipped Moon I'm running a contest to try and find an idea for the orange category and the prize is a $20 Amazon gift card. Go check out the rules, but hurry entry ends 11:45pm on March 31st. Be sure to check back on April 1st when voting begins and April 5th when the winner is announced. Good luck.

Do you ever use writing prompts to get started or break through writers block? Where do you find the best ones? Let us know in the comments.

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